Under the auspices of Eram Educational Society, Lucknow

Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh does not have an active minority Unani Medical College. Although this historical city has a State Unani Medical College, known as the TAKMIL-UT- TIB COLLEGE, which came into existence by the endeavours of ATTIBAYE’ JHAWAI TOLA, (Unani Physicians/Hakims) Lucknow. The rein of this Institute was in the hands of Muslim Minority intelligentsia, but with the curse of time, and circumstances, and the ill concieved efforts of its staff to change its status, opened the door for its nationalisation by the Government of U. P and subsequently it was affiliated with the Kanpur University. Thus this one and the only minority Unani Institution was converted into a government institution.

Moved by this loss, the Eram Educational Society seriously pondered over the need of re-establising such a College for rendering valuable services to those poor “sick”, who were unable to afford the costly allopathic treatment, and decided to open a Unani Medical College at Kursi Road. Thanks to the Almighty that it has come in to existence in a four storeyed gigantic building. In consultation with, and under the guidance of educational experts and experienced doctors, the work of imparting education to students and treatment of parents through Unani medicines is being successfully done. The College boasts of multifarious departments with necessary infrastructure. equipment and faculty. besides having the facility of Hostels, which are a basic feature for any seat of learing.

Eram Unani Medical College Kursi Road Lucknow is recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine and is affiliated to Chhatarpati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur, and is imparting education in Unani Medicine & Surgery for B U. M. S. (Kamil-e-Tib-o-Jarahat) as per courses duly approved by C.C.I.M., under the auspices of Eram Educational Society in own building. Here students of the country or from abroad can seek admission irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour or sex.

The College imparts education in Unani Medicines & Surgery and under takes research work in this field. The students are to be given extensive knowledge of the fundamental theories & basic principles of Unani system of medicine i.e. logic, philosophy coupled with history of Unani medicine, modern medical approach on subjects of Physiology, Preventive and Social Medicine, Pharmacology, Pathology & Bacteriology, Bed side Clinic/Saririyat, Toxicology, Anatomy, Medical Jurisprudence etc.

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