Rules For Admission For B.U.M.S

(Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery) – KAMIL-E-TIB-O-JARAHAT The admission to the B.U.M.S(K.T.J.) course shall be on the basis of NEET.

Discipline Rules

There shall be a Proctorial Board in the College for deciding the cases of Indiscipline and undesirable conduct of the students. It would be headed be a Proctor. Nominated by the Manager/Director from amongst the teaching faculty of the College. All such matters. Would be brought to the knowledge of the Proctor for conducting a detailed enquiry in consultation with the Proctorial Board to arrive at a decision. Such a decision shall be binding for the students.

Students are urged to contribute to the high tone of the College by their manners and general behavior. Hence for the smooth running of the College, no student should bring to College any object liable to prove a source of disturbance.

Absolute silence must be maintained at all places during the teaching hours, whether it is the library, the laboratories, computer room, the general assembly, any other place, or on way to and from the classrooms.

The College does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money, stationery,etc, Each student is responsible for his/her own things. Bringing of valuables to the College is discouraged. If the articles are brought for genuine reasons, they must be handed over to the Principal/ Administrator of valuable to the College is discouraged. If the articles are brought for genuine reasons, they must be handed over to the Principal/Administrator or teachers and the same may be collected after the College.

The Principal may chastise a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct (injurious to the moral tone of the College,) by detention after class hours or by the other minor punishments. He may even dismiss a student or ask him to discontinue if he is guilty of serious matters.

No fines or Collection for any purpose whatsoever shall be made without the previous sanction of the Principal. So also presentation of gifts to the members of the staff requires previous sanction.

Students can always approach the Principal individually for any reasonable or sympathetic consideration but not collectively.

Hostels Rules

Hostel is for the use of those students who are not resident of Lucknow

For allotment of hostel accommodation students have to register, themselves by paying a fee of Rs. 500/- (adjustable in Hostel fee). This registration of students is valid for one Promotional i.e. 18 months after deposit of full hostel fee. After expiry of this period, Students would have to submit a written request for hostel in 2nd Promotional with a registration fee of Rs. 100/- (non-adjustable). The Principal on being satisfied would allow hostel to the students. Failed students will be given hostel accommodation subject to its availability.

Mess charges may be paid by the Hostlers in lump sum or on monthly basis latest by 5th of very month. Payments made after this date will be accepted only if a fine of Rs. 20 per day is paid with the mess charges.

Students shall not be allowed to leave the hostel in any case without written permission of the Warden. Entry in the hostel shall not be allowed after 8.00 p.m. for girls students and 9.00 p.m. for the boys. Similarly exit from Hostel after8.00 p.m. for boys and 7.00 p.m. for girls will not be permitted. No guardians/guests would be allowed to stay in the hostels after 8.00 p.m.

Girl students are not allowed to leave the hostel on working days. On holidays they would be allowed to go only to their local guardian, on their written request.

Students would keep the Hostel premises and their rooms neat & clean. Fans/Lights found ‘on’ in the room of a student would entail a fine from the occupants. No cooler, electric press, heater or other appliances are allowed in the Hostels room.

Hostel students would keep the atmosphere in the hostel worth-studying and they shall not assemble, make noise or create any ruckus.

The PREFECTS would be selected from amongst the Hostel students on the basis of his/her personality, attitude and seniority. There would be separate Prefects for Boys & Girls Hostels. All hostlers are required to follow the advice of the Prefect. The information regarding any need, cause, for departure or arrival shall be brought to the knowledge of the Prefect, who would keep the Wardens informed for further action in the matter.

A register would be maintained by the Prefect/Warden in each Hostel. Entry in this register shall be made about the details of a visitor/guardian. Students’ departure/arrival time shall also be noted in a separate register kept in the Hostel with the Warden for this purpose.

The relation between senior and junior students must be homely with an attitude of elder & younger keeping desired affection and respect. Any complaint whatsoever must be reported to the responsible authorities and any direct action by the Hostels themselves is punishable.

Male students are not allowed to enter Girls Hostels and similarly girls are prohibited to enter Boys hostel.
In case of an emergency, medical or otherwise, it must immediately be reported to responsible authorities. Cases requiring medical assistance, first-aid must be brought to the knowledge of following authorities:

Library Rules

Complete silence is to be observed.

No book shall be taken without the permission of the Librarian. Books are issued for one week only and Reference Books are not issued.

The borrower only should use the book and shall not give it to anybody else.

Keep the books issued clean and safe. Don’t make it dirty by writing over it. Don’t torn the pages from it.

Check the book before issue. Turn or spoiled book should be reported otherwise it would be borrower’s responsibility.

In case of loss or destruction of books, full cost shall be charged.

Overdue charges for not returning the book on time shall be Rs. 5/- per day.

Keep the book at its proper place form where it has been taken.