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A well furnished nicely maintained Library in a very spacious Hall exists in the College. The same is operating under a Qualified Librarian, with approximately 4000 books. It is also supported by Medical Dictionaries & other Medical Journals for the benefit of the teachers and the taught.


The College is supported by necessary museums required for the course. Other General Facilities:


There are two separate independent Hostels, one each for male and female students. Whole time experienced Wardens are engaged for both the Hostels. The building of Hostels is quite impressive and can boast of modern design & facilities. Separate attached messes are provided for convenience of the Hostlers. Admission in Hostel is made on “first came first served” basis, for one academic session, after which students shall have to vacate the Hostel. Students expelled from the College Shall also be removed from the hostel immediately.

Colleges Bus

For transporting the students from fixed pick up points to and from the college buses are available on reasonable monthly fee, to be paid on half yearly basis for 12 months.

A PCO in Colleges campus

A Standard Canteen in College campus.

Games & Sports facilities.


Eram Unani Medical College consists of a 150 bedded Unani Hospital and another 150 bedded Allopathic Hospital. Both these Hospitals have necessary infrastructure equipment, Teaching Faculty and a Team of Physicians/ Surgeons tolook after the O.P.D. & I.P.D. departments. Necessary laboratories with required number of technicians and other staff are also available for serving the patients. Both the Hospitals are running for quite sometime. A diagnostic Center and a separate Eram Unani Research Center are also functioning in the College, besides a Center for Heart diseases.

Other Medical Facilities

General O.P.D.

Pathology with Autoanalyzer


Electro Cardiography



Physiotherapy Lab




Herbal Garden

There is a herbal garden in the campus of the Eram Unani Medical Colleges which caters to the needs of the students and the researchers in getting knowledge of various herbs & plants. The same is looked after by an Expert Horticulturist.

Other Support Facilities

Laboratories: Besides above, following Facilities are also available:

Anatomy Lab.

Physiology Lab.

Pathology Lab.

Pharmacy Lab.

Dissection Hall.